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Instagram Video Views

Video views are the number of times a particular video watched by a user. Views are counted after a video is being watched for 3 sec or more. Number of views that are coming from loops are not counted. These video views are visible to anyone who can able to see your post on Instagram.

Video views count play very significant role in growth. Larger views count indicates that Instagram users and followers are liking your content and vice-versa. Hence, views count help you in making content strategy according to taste of audience.


How to Buy Indian Instagram Video Views?

It is very tedious job fro anybody to find an authentic growth service provider especially if you are new on Instagram. Don’t worry, if you are reading this. It means you are at right place.

IndianLikes is an authentic Instagram growth service provider that is proudly working into the market from last 10 years. It provides 100% real and active Instagram video views that surely help you to grow on Instagram. These followers engage with you and your content naturally.


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